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I used to like Wheat Thins so much that I would eat a whole box in one sitting. I had to stop buying them they were so tasty.

So, the other day I'd thought I treat myself and I bought my first box a few years. What the Heck happened? These are marked as Original Wheat Thins but I don't believe it. These taste more like salted cardboard than the Wheat Thins I remember.

Boo Nabisco. Somehow you've ruined them. Reading the ingredients they look like they should be OK. I ate about 30 crackers and gave the rest to a neighbor.

Even loading them up with cheese couldn't save them. Some bean counter probably found a way to save money and now they're ruined.

Product or Service Mentioned: Nabisco Original Wheat Thins Crackers.

Reason of review: they don't taste good anymore.

Monetary Loss: $4.

Preferred solution: I don't want anything other than to tell you Wheat Thins now taste lousy..

I didn't like: Wheat thins taste like cardboard now.

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I just bought two boxes on sale because I hadn’t bought any in a long time. I thought I bought unsalted or something by mistake.

They’re awful!

So bad I Searched the web to make sure I wasn’t crazy. Nice to know I’m not alone.


I read the review and totally agreed, I might have writteen the exact same words.


Tasteless cardboard. Our family used to love wheat thins.

Opened a new box to eat with cheese. My husband asked if I bought different cheese or if it was spoiled. It wasn’t the cheese. It the wheat thins.

They are now horrible.

Disappointing that Nabisco products have gone down hill. Just like Oreos, we will not be purchasing wheat thins anymore.


Agreed, definitely not tasty. I stopped buying the cardboard squares.

Same with vegetable thins. Why, why and why did they change?


The radical left wing nanny state is to blame. Lard is evil.


AGREED. Got my first box in years today and immediately was like ok, I accidentally bought some fat-free bs or something.

Nope, "original" flavor.

*** gross, big thumbs down. DO NOT BUY WHEAT THINS.


They changed the recipe to make them 100% whole wheat, perhaps to placate the Marxists out there who do not wish others to enjoy that which made them great in the first place. Destroyed.


The real original Wheat Thins were made with lard. That was why they tasted so good. Now, they use canola oil which is just plain foul.


I agree. I have loved wheat thins for about 50 years.

Today they taste bad....dry and tasteless. What happened?


Weat Thins are now "Weat Thicks" and the taste isn't there nor is the texture.


I thought I was the only one who noticed till my boyfriend tried some and said yeah they taste weird. Why fix something that wasn't broken?

We rarely get them anymore.

Both the taste and texture are weird. It's unpleasant compared to what they used to taste like.


AGREE Wheat Thins were good. Now they taste lousy.


I have to agree that the Wheat Thins I've known and loved for years have become a bland, tasteless piece of lightly salted cardboard. What happened?

and, more importantly, WHY? You had a great product and now it tastes terrible. With all of the choices in snacks on the grocer's shelf, it's easy to replace your tasteless crackers. Too bad.

I've loved Wheat Thins for many years and was a loyal consumer. Note the operative term, "was".


They definitely taste weird and not good. Last box I will buy


I wish someone from Nabisco would read these comments and do something about it! The "new" Wheat Thins are the worst thing since ...

well, I'll have to come back to this as I cannot think of a product with such a radical horrible change. You have turned my absolute favorite crackers into a ugly, pale, under cooked, heavy (greasy), thick, stale-tasting cracker that my dog will not even eat. Seriously!

Please fire the person in charge who authorized the change and give us our "Original" Wheat Thins back!!!! Sincerely, You Lost a Customer


I agree this box I bought of wheat thins is crap! What happen to the taste?

These are hard and not thin. I will never buy another box.


I have to agree. They are not as crispy and the flavor has changed.

They used to be my favorite cracker. Another ruined product.


I totally agree!!! This comment is exactly what I was just thinking and saying to my children!!!

I thought it was just my taste buds, but my children said the same thing! They also look different! I don’t remember Wheat Thins all being perfectly square and with little indentations. Cheez It’s are all square!

Wheat Thins always had such a unique taste, too! I stopped buying them because of the wheat flour, but we were all craving them so I splurged on a huge box from Costco. What a disappointment!!!

What a waste of money!! Shame on Nabisco for not being transparent about the changes in taste, texture and look!


I’d eat two or three Family Size boxes a WEEK. But the last four boxes have been different.

They are thicker, less salty, many are in odd shapes and double thick. Even the package closures seem different. I have purchased at different stores and even different states and still the same.

I have 2.5 boxes left. Think I’ll be done with this product after that.

to Anonymous #1576558

They're so thick!! It's so strange. Such a waste of money.

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