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Why in the world would you discontinue the production of Wheatsworth crackers? They were my favorite cracker and now I have to go to another company to find a replacement for them.

Very bad for your business!!

Bad bad bad!!! {{Redacted}}

Product or Service Mentioned: Nabisco Wheatsworth Crackers.

Reason of review: Other issue.

Preferred solution: restart production of Wheatsworth.

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Please bring them back! They were the best!


Wheatsworth were some of the best crackers around. Stopping making them was wrong and not fair to those that have bought them for years!

All because of the GREED of the company that now has control of making them.

Money, money, money is all they care about like all companies. Just because they did not like the level of sales.


I believe it was the best cracker on the market unfortunately I blame poor marketing, never getting the public to try it, I hope upper management will consider a relaunch of the wheatworth cracker!


Wheats worth best crackers ever made! Miss them and wish they would start making them again. Ritz doesn't even come close!


I agree. I only served Wheatsworth crackers with quite a few things. They were different and great!


I agree! I just spent 20 min trying to find and finally googled it.

I've been eating these since the 70s. A shame.


I AGREE! These were the best crackers ever!

Shame on Nabisco! Please bring them back!

Calgary, Alberta, Canada #1320850

You should really bring those crackers back. They are awesome

to Anonymous #1417673

I so agree! Tried this cracker at a restaurant and now going through the cracker bin just to find Wheatsworth.

Lancaster, Pennsylvania, United States #1266055

Completely agree! Very disappointed!

Phillipsburg, New Jersey, United States #1264282

good cracker, i think pepperidge farm harvest wheat comes close

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