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to whom it may concern: My name is David White, I have 3 degrees, a BM in music from Cincinnati's College Conservatory of music at Cincinnati, a pharmacy degree from Cincinnati and a MS in market research from Wisconsin-Madison. Over the last 15 years, I have purchased 3 boxes of saltines every 2 weeks...but over the last 3 months, the quality has been very poor from crackers that break apart when you touch them to crackers that are so heavy and thick that I just throw them away.

I have catalogues the lot numbers for the bad crackers: 02MAY18AX27D 02MAY18AX27D 02MAY18AX27D These three boxes contained crackers that were very thick and heavy with a terrible taste and consistency These boxes were very good, light airy, great taste, a little brown, but I like the ones that are a little brown on the top: 16APR18AX17B 24Mar18AX37D I hope that you will straighten this problem out soon Sincerely, David White 2419 Fairview Ave. #1 Cincinnati, Ohio 45219

Product or Service Mentioned: Nabisco Premium Saltine Crackers.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

Monetary Loss: $44.

Preferred solution: send me $44 of good tasting premium saltine crackers.

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I am just upset at the amount of air space between product and cracker pkgs. You basically get quadruple the number of broken crackers now, and that air space could be filled in with edible product.

No more crackers for parties. Popcorn is way more cost effective and tasty with everything from salmon to soup.


My husband and I agree. Terrible new recipe.

Go back to your old one. In the meantime, we are sampling others!


Very dissapointed in them About 1 year ago there was a shortage of them in the stores. Something tells me supplier changed and I have not been happy with them since.

Tasteless (salted tops) and often too brown on bottom. I want the original recipe back, please!!!!!


I just bought yesterday a box of Oigional Salteens. They are thin with no taste and little salt. Threw them out.


Agreed - new recipe is way too thick/tough, not flaky anymore, and lacks salt. Terrible!

Go back to the old recipe! Why mess with a classic?!


We won't be buying them again. The flavour and consistency are completely different.

Why take a good product and suddenly change it. The crackers are too hard and almost the consistency and flavour of a pretzel.


What? Terrible saltines!


You have changed the recipe of those crackers but not for better, I'm sorry to tell you that it is yeurk! Please do the same recipe as before it was much better Huguette Poulin


We do not eat a lot of crackers, less than a box a month. The last 3 months these crackers are awful.

They are tasteless and tough. No more flakey crunch and where did the salt go?

Go back to the original recipe. Sometimes change is not good.


Yup someone changed the recipe!! Old recipe had no palm oil (had shortening instead) and had sourdough culture and amylase.

New recipe has yeast and protease instead. Barf


I am addicted to crackers, but my addiction is a little different. I crumble them very finely into a Ziploc baggie, roll with a rolling pin til they are of a powdery consistency, then eat with a spoon.

Problem is, Premium saltines taste so very bland, and yuk! I usually eat a pack a day but can hardly stand their flavor so I buy the cheaper ones, what did Nabisco do to them?

to Debbie #1628354

Try popcorn. You can adjust preference of butter and type of sodium! Try it with soup!


Your new recipe is the WORST. Your crackers taste like Krispy brand which, to a saltine cracker lover like myself, is disgusting. Please bring back the recipe you had for 50+ years!


the saltines require SALT and flavor what I get now is pasty nonsalty ***


I'm done as well. They know about the problem;however, they just don't care.

It's a Quality Control issue.

Could be old equipment or just laziness on Management's part. They only hurt themselves when they ignore the consumer.

to M. Richard #1626283

I agree, these crackers are very poor quality lately, They are burnt looking on one side. And crumbling in soup?

Forget it, you cut your hands on them they are so hard. Losing another regular customer, but I think the company could care less.


They did the exact same thing to Stoned Wheat Thins a couple of years ago. I have not bought a box since I discovered the change.

I too called the company a got the Bla Bla Bla story. Looks like I’m done eating their saltines now.


I totally agree with u. I always stayed stocked in them cause I could go threw a box every 2-3 days.

And for the last 2 months or so every box I bought hoping they were gonna be better they weren't they were the same.. and it's very disappointing cause they were favorite and it sucks cause I crave them Everytime I see them but I'm to afraid to buy them cause I know they won't be the same ones I'm expecting..


Haven't bought any in awhile but just picked up a box the other day. Not sure if anyone's noticed but the holes in the crackers are larger than I remember and the tops of the crackers are flaking off and most of them are broken. Not sure what other options are available in Canada .


Ok, so I'm not crazy. I go through a box of these a week.

Recently, one box tasted like Matzos. Another box was "pasty" I just opened a brand new box that was very dark (I too like them that way) but they were also pasty.

Looks like I'll have to try Sunshine. Sad, I've been eating these for almost 60 years.

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