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to whom it may concern: My name is David White, I have 3 degrees, a BM in music from Cincinnati's College Conservatory of music at Cincinnati, a pharmacy degree from Cincinnati and a MS in market research from Wisconsin-Madison. Over the last 15 years, I have purchased 3 boxes of saltines every 2 weeks...but over the last 3 months, the quality has been very poor from crackers that break apart when you touch them to crackers that are so heavy and thick that I just throw them away.

I have catalogues the lot numbers for the bad crackers: 02MAY18AX27D 02MAY18AX27D 02MAY18AX27D These three boxes contained crackers that were very thick and heavy with a terrible taste and consistency These boxes were very good, light airy, great taste, a little brown, but I like the ones that are a little brown on the top: 16APR18AX17B 24Mar18AX37D I hope that you will straighten this problem out soon Sincerely, David White 2419 Fairview Ave. #1 Cincinnati, Ohio 45219

Product or Service Mentioned: Nabisco Premium Saltine Crackers.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

Monetary Loss: $44.

Preferred solution: send me $44 of good tasting premium saltine crackers.

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The new recipe is very disappointing!


This is the worst to happen to a well loved food since Skittles turned lime to green apple. We are out!!!!!


Glad to know that I am not the only one? What gives?

a lifetime of only buying this brand,and all of a sudden they are real bad, in every way.

Even the holes are bigger. So dissapointing!


Nabisco Marketing Directors are sitting on their hands. They think brand loyalty is forever.

Good luck. Fire the bunch!


I agree, the crackers break and seem a little soft to taste. Are they being made in Mexico?


I have been eating Premium plus crackers for about 30+ years since I was a kid and loved them. Now they are a disappointment, not good why change classic well loved product. If does not change will find different brand.

to Sunni #1593348

I agree. They changed the recipe and we hate it. Trying to find a replacement brand.


I have had the same problem. Solution is return to the original recipe .


I agree! They are just not the same.

I want the old crackers back. Why change something that was so good.


Premium was my families favorite for years. Today we bought a box, and they ruined everything you eat with it!!

Very disappointing. Going to Kroger brand


I'm having the same issue except my saltine crackers also have almost no salt... It's like they outsourced the manufacturing.

They've become inedible... going to switch brands..

to Michael #1594943

Agree. Little salt now.

Loved them for years. Looking for an alternative.


If you want a lot better saltine , try Walmart brand they are a whole lot better and they ain't wurf a chit !!!


I have no clue what you have done to your ingredients to your Premium saltine crackers, but the taste is awful. I had to stop buying this item years ago due to kids liking something else in soups and chilis and snacks.

But kids are grown and out of the house on their own. So, now I get to have my crackers back. But you changed something for it tastes no where near what it once did. I remember the taste I thought of the taste every day.

So, I'm not lying to you. But you changed something and it was a very bad idea. Professionally, I would have never changed the ingredients to an item that works. Change the ingredients to something more cost effective is great, but it ruins the quality of item/product.

In your case, it most certainly did ruin the product. Such a bad move on your part. Personally, I now hate this item/product because of the changes you made. It is gross.

I can tell the difference. Zesta crackers taste better, even food club tastes better. What have you done? Your crackers were the best!!!

Why would you turn the best saltine crackers to UUGH? Why???

to Karen #1577822

They are absolutely inedible. I have bought several boxes in hopes I just got a bad batch but they all taste like cardboard now.

So gross. I am on the hunt for a new saltine and will never buy these again.


I wrote a letter to the manufacturer and all I got was coupons for more poor product. It's like they don't even care.


I've started buying the local store brand, because although they always taste slightly stale, they atleast have a taste. These Nabisco are saw dust now.

They're that Jewish matzo cracker. Out of a box of 4 sleeves, 3 were burnt brown and would break when you pick them up.


Me too!! The last 3 boxes we bought were all the same and different...bigger holes less salt and way different taste and crunch..almost taste like rice crackers now!! Bring back the original!!

to DaveM #1578412

You are correct: bigger holes, less salt, and too crumbly to put any toppings on them. At first I thought it was just a bad batch, but a few more boxes in and they're still inedible. I will not be buying them again.


The fresh stacks have disappeared from the grocer shelves again. The boxes I purchased since the last time they disappeared were short 1 or 2 crackers per stack.

I also found several stacks to be without salt. I still love the Fresh Stacks and I was buying at least 3 boxes a week.

I had to purchase the regular saltines tonight. It is like eating a stale cracker compared to the Fresh Stacks.

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