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to whom it may concern: My name is David White, I have 3 degrees, a BM in music from Cincinnati's College Conservatory of music at Cincinnati, a pharmacy degree from Cincinnati and a MS in market research from Wisconsin-Madison. Over the last 15 years, I have purchased 3 boxes of saltines every 2 weeks...but over the last 3 months, the quality has been very poor from crackers that break apart when you touch them to crackers that are so heavy and thick that I just throw them away.

I have catalogues the lot numbers for the bad crackers: 02MAY18AX27D 02MAY18AX27D 02MAY18AX27D These three boxes contained crackers that were very thick and heavy with a terrible taste and consistency These boxes were very good, light airy, great taste, a little brown, but I like the ones that are a little brown on the top: 16APR18AX17B 24Mar18AX37D I hope that you will straighten this problem out soon Sincerely, David White 2419 Fairview Ave. #1 Cincinnati, Ohio 45219

Review about: Nabisco Premium Saltine Crackers.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

Monetary Loss: $44.

Preferred solution: send me $44 of good tasting premium saltine crackers.

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I agree with David. They are not the same as they used to be.

And, I have a recipe to bake them with cheese and you are supposed to lay them side by side with no spaces between. Now, some are one size and some are another.

Please help. Jan Swanson


I feel the same way... been eating these crackers for the past 45 yrs...

I used to love it when I got a sleeve with burnt edges. would eat an entire package while watching a hockey game. with the new recipe, I can't even eat them plain anymore.

will stop buying these crackers and have to find a new passion for the next 45 yrs. its a shame.


Disgusting! What have you done?

I eat this not only with soup but when I feel unwell, which is very often for me.

Please fix this. The taste is horrid.

to Grace #1555554

I agree. They are terrible.


You are absolutely right. We also buy the same product.

We called head office, or at least the number given on the packaging.

We got double talk. At least they are cooking the cracker for a shorter time


Premium Saltines are part of my childhood. My mom gave them to us kids when we were sick, when we were well, and for every snack with peanut butter, soup, cheese....

My mom liked hers crunched up in a glass of milk with pepper! How I miss those rich, robust, wholesome crackers. Today’s Premium Saltines are thin, pathetic, burnt and broken little versions of themselves.

I’ve kept buying and hoping, but I’m done. Goodbye Nabisco!


God what happened to their crackers?? I’m 60 yrs old and now they tast like crap!!!

One sleeve may tast good while the next sucks!!! About every 2 box’s I get a good one. Did those damn Russians *** the recipe???

We need a special prosecutor to look into crackergate. God Bless BR549

to Harold #1550638

I agree. Today's Saltines are horrible.


Just bought a box of Premium Plus Crackers salted. What a disappointment.

They look so cheaply made. The perforated holes are bigger and not centered on the cracker. The top easily brakes. I paid $6.99 for a large box.

I've been buying these for years. They have always been the best quality, perfectly made visually, great tasting. Wow what did you do......

I have to find another cracker. So, so disappointing!


yes I noticed they taste digusting


First Ritz crackers turn into crumbs and now Pemium Saltines turn to crumbs. Half were broken before opening and the rest broke into pieces by just touching them.

I am done with this brand. I was a loyal customer for over 40 years. Guess you all are trying to go out of business.

I can’t think of any other reason for turning out this poor quality product. Scale of 1 to 10 with 10 being best - ZERO.


I wish they would change back to salted saltines instead of sea salted saltines.


They changed the recipe. I have two boxes...

The old one has vegetable oil, sea salt and the baking soda is in 4th place in front of the malted barley flour. In the new box they use shortening, regular salt and the baking soda is in 6th place after the malted barley flour. And the rest of the ingredients have also changed.

No wonder they taste so funny. Way to go Mondelez !!!


What did you do Nabisco? At the end of last year it was impossible to find a box of Saltines.

My husband eats them daily as a snack with peanut butter and has for years. The new boxes of Saltines are awful. Thin, fall apart, no SALTine flavor. Whatever you changed Nabisco you need to return to the original.

We will no longer purchase the so called Saltines you are currently marketing. Pure trash.


Every single restaurant uses premium saltine crackers with soup and always are stale why is that?


As lots others have expressed, I too find their quality dropped to an inferior product. Likely has to do with the bean counters and changing quality, more expensive, ingredients.


I purchased a box of Nabisco Premium saltine crackers. I place these cracker in my tupperware.

when opened a sleeve of crackers today - they were old. then i looked at the packageing and it had tiny holes in it and some were not sealed at all. i don't know what was wrong - but i had to throw all of them in the trash and am extremely disappointed. I have only purchased these crackers and i am 72 years old.

this is horrible. Sincerely Katrinka Perry - email trinkaperry@att.net - please advise me .


Yes! I just opened the crackers (bought the fresh sleeves this time around) and the sleeves are hit-or-miss.

The first one was great! Exactly as they've always been!

The others taste like other cracker brands that don't taste as good. Come on, Nabisco...quality control!!!


Just had one today. Could not eat it because it was extremely bitter.

Did not think a cracker could get such a strong bitter taste.

Could not even eat half of one. Threw it away.


I agree crackers are not good anymore,, will try other brands,, what a shame they at one time were the best cracker around!!

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