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to whom it may concern: My name is David White, I have 3 degrees, a BM in music from Cincinnati's College Conservatory of music at Cincinnati, a pharmacy degree from Cincinnati and a MS in market research from Wisconsin-Madison. Over the last 15 years, I have purchased 3 boxes of saltines every 2 weeks...but over the last 3 months, the quality has been very poor from crackers that break apart when you touch them to crackers that are so heavy and thick that I just throw them away.

I have catalogues the lot numbers for the bad crackers: 02MAY18AX27D 02MAY18AX27D 02MAY18AX27D These three boxes contained crackers that were very thick and heavy with a terrible taste and consistency These boxes were very good, light airy, great taste, a little brown, but I like the ones that are a little brown on the top: 16APR18AX17B 24Mar18AX37D I hope that you will straighten this problem out soon Sincerely, David White 2419 Fairview Ave. #1 Cincinnati, Ohio 45219

Review about: Nabisco Premium Saltine Crackers.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

Monetary Loss: $44.

Preferred solution: send me $44 of good tasting premium saltine crackers.

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I'm 57 years old and have been eating Nabisco Saltines all my life. I do NOT like the current recipe.

I agree with all the comments here about the taste. It's like the "new coke" syndrome all over again - remember what a fiasco that was??? Nabisco, you had a very successful product for DECADES. Most companies would kill for a sure thing like THE OLD SALTINES!!!!!

It was a really hairbrained decision to change it. I will be buying other types of crackers now until I hear that you have reverted to the OLD RECIPE.

...... sad .........


They're called saltines for a reason. If folks don't want to eat salty food, they shouldn't buy saltines.

Let those who love saltines have the recipe they love. And bring back the flaky, crispness!


Ditto here! I am having to buy store brand saltines which are better than this new recipe.

I have been buying Premium Saltines for 40 years.

What crazy notion made you want to change something that sold to one that is so inferior? Such a shame!


I agree! Everyone thought I was crazy when I said the crackers were different.

But they are, I’m glad to see I’m not the only one. They are no longer thin and crispy.I want the old ones back.


What will it take for Nabisco to give us back the toasty, salty cracker we’ve grown up with? We’ve complained in numbers about this sliver of tasteless paste now passing as a saltine.

I keep trying other brands hoping to find one with that lingering baked bread taste that makes you want to eat the whole stack. There’s just a big void in the market. Why did you do this, Nabisco?

You had a hold on the saltine cracker market—it was the comfort food nationwide. Give it back to us, please!


The recipe has been all over the place since Kraft split off to mondelez. From the chemical tasting mix to the Ritz mix to the new stoned wheat thin mix.This is all a result of them no longer being strict about the recipe and the factories being told to adapt the weekly mix based on whatever ingredient they have an excess of. This was blatantly made apparent during the time there was obviously large amounts of Ritz ingredients being used in saltines.Sorry their secret is out...At this point we can only watch the product codes and try to find any good batches.I will be starting a Google sheets to compile the codes into groups of the different batches and put the link here for everyone to be able to edit.


What idiot CEO said, hey lets change something that has worked for over a hundred years and not tell our customers. Premium you need to fire the new CEO and go back to what your customer base has loved for generations.

The new cracker and the old cracker does not even look the same. I have a side by side picture but it will not upload. The old cracker is bigger and is not flat like the new cracker, which is hard and has no taste. I am not looking for hard tack.

Please change back to the original recipe. If not I hope you go bankrupt.


I used to buy wheat thins frequently until a year or so ago they seemed to be different. not in a good way.

they look "whiter". they also have an unpleasant mechanically "galled" surface texture. I will eat them if someone puts them in front of me.Recently I have noticed that "original" saltine crackers have changed. they have a denser consistency and not as airy.

they also have little spots. (if you look closely.) Im on the fence as to whether i like them.

they definitely hold up better to a knife load of peanut butter. not so good by themselves.I think old man Nabisco must have passed on, and his very informed and socially conscious, a-hole millennial grand kids have gone and fiddled with the stupid old mans recipe because they know whats best for everyone.no big deal...its kind of fun exploring other cracker options/brands.


I have been eating saltine crackers for years, And recently the crackers are so poorly made I have been throwing them away. They taste horrible. I am going to find a new cracker, I cannot eat these anymore.


I switched to Zesta, too. In addition to the taste, the inconsistent amount of salt has been driving me absolutely bonkers.

This is not only with the Premiums, but with every brand I have tried in the past few years. The difference from package to package in the same box is mind boggling. I had some Zesta's yesterday with my soup, and they were fantastic. Perfect.

Today, I opened another package from the same box, and there was hardly any salt on the crackers at all. At this point, I am thinking about switching to Wheat Thins and abandoning the cracker wagon altogether.First world problem, for sure, but when I pay first world money for crackers, I expect first world quality.


I agree I’m disgusted too. I think I’m going to switch to another brand! We went from breaking crackers to ones so thick they are impossible to bite!


3/21/18I returned a box of saltiness to my grocer because they tasted terrible. Purchased a smaller box.

A little better but still something missing.I just opened a single pack box purchased at a drug store. Terrible.Think I'll be looking fir a different brand also, regretfully.Note: all the purchases were months away from an expiry date.


I'm also a 45+ year consumer of Premium saltines. There is definitely something off lately.

I tossed a new box and bought another. The same with the second purchase.

The texture is hard and taste is nasty. What gives Nabisco?

to Morgan 64 #1464394

Some genius changed from regular salt to sea salt. Sea salt on saltine is horrible, it make the crackers taste stale. They should stop calling them the original saltine because they are not.


No seriously, try the Premium brand saltines called "Short Stacks", which come in a slightly different box. While labeled as the same old Premiums, they are different from, and better than, the new "regular" saltines, rightly maligned in this thread.

They look almost the same but the holes are noticeably bigger. (A clue!) Much crisper.


What has happened to Nabisco. Been eating Premium Crackers for over 60 years.

The crackers are terrible now.

Looking for a new brand. Something is wrong with the Graham Crackers also

to Steve Gilmore #1434433

Zesta taste almost exactly like the "old" Premium Saltines


I have been eating Nabisco Saltines for decades. I noticed a change in taste, texture and packaging (shouldn't have to use a damn knife to open them!) These two boxes I just bought are going in the trash. Zesta crackers are now on my shopping list.

to G. Jordan #1434434

I switched to Zesta and they taste just like the "old" Premium Saltines


I noticed the same thing with the last two boxes of Premium saltines. A corner or two breaks off as you are removing them from the box and if they remain intact, the cracker snaps in two when you put a spread like peanut butter on them.

I wonder if it's a shortening issue?

Please fix. I am 74 years old and have been a purchaser of these crackers for years.

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