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to whom it may concern: My name is David White, I have 3 degrees, a BM in music from Cincinnati's College Conservatory of music at Cincinnati, a pharmacy degree from Cincinnati and a MS in market research from Wisconsin-Madison. Over the last 15 years, I have purchased 3 boxes of saltines every 2 weeks...but over the last 3 months, the quality has been very poor from crackers that break apart when you touch them to crackers that are so heavy and thick that I just throw them away.

I have catalogues the lot numbers for the bad crackers: 02MAY18AX27D 02MAY18AX27D 02MAY18AX27D These three boxes contained crackers that were very thick and heavy with a terrible taste and consistency These boxes were very good, light airy, great taste, a little brown, but I like the ones that are a little brown on the top: 16APR18AX17B 24Mar18AX37D I hope that you will straighten this problem out soon Sincerely, David White 2419 Fairview Ave. #1 Cincinnati, Ohio 45219

Review about: Nabisco Premium Saltine Crackers.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

Monetary Loss: $44.

Preferred solution: send me $44 of good tasting premium saltine crackers.

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I purchased a box of Nabisco Premium saltine crackers. I place these cracker in my tupperware.

when opened a sleeve of crackers today - they were old. then i looked at the packageing and it had tiny holes in it and some were not sealed at all. i don't know what was wrong - but i had to throw all of them in the trash and am extremely disappointed. I have only purchased these crackers and i am 72 years old.

this is horrible. Sincerely Katrinka Perry - email trinkaperry@att.net - please advise me .


Yes! I just opened the crackers (bought the fresh sleeves this time around) and the sleeves are hit-or-miss.

The first one was great! Exactly as they've always been!

The others taste like other cracker brands that don't taste as good. Come on, Nabisco...quality control!!!


Just had one today. Could not eat it because it was extremely bitter.

Did not think a cracker could get such a strong bitter taste.

Could not even eat half of one. Threw it away.


I agree crackers are not good anymore,, will try other brands,, what a shame they at one time were the best cracker around!!


I totally agree. I have been buying these crackers forever and they taste terrible now.

Every once in a while I'll get a good batch. If you compare the bad to the good you can see the difference. The new bad ones have smaller holes and hardly any salt. They also are not crisp like the old ones.

I am going to complain to the company again, but I'm sure no one will do anything. I'm glad I'm not the only one who has noticed the difference.


The last 3 boxes I have purchased have been very hard and dry. Threw them all away.


I agree 100%. Quality has declined significantly. I stopped buying these .


I will stop buying my favorite crackers from Nabisco. I have had the same experience that this customer stated in his message to Nabisco.

I am very very disappointed since that is the only brand I have purchased in 30 years. You have my business no more. The company has either changed the way they make them or something is terrible wrong.

The last 4 boxes have crumbled at the touch and won't hold together. I will find another cracker because this is unacceptable.Another customer lostBettie Parrett


Im 54 years old and have been eating crackers like my father before me (who just turned 99), will kill him for sure. We absolutely love the old recipe and hope that Nabisco will bring the old recipe. We beg of you....


Yes! Why has Nabisco changed their cracker? I am very disappointed!


I have also seen this and I also notice they are over cooked, brown edges and a lot brown between the holes, very unpleasant, I will be looking for a different brand that's not overcooked.


At first i thought it was just me. Then after reading this i see i am not alone at all.Bring back the original recipe.

Till then I am done.

And not just saltines. If they changed something that was great for 100 years without warning, what other Nabisco items changed.

to Anonymous #1490528

I agree! I will find another cracker!


I have been enjoying this product for over 50 years..It saddens me greatly to know that I am no longer able to enjoy them..the crackers of late are stale and have no salt at all


I'm 57 years old and have been eating Nabisco Saltines all my life. I do NOT like the current recipe.

I agree with all the comments here about the taste. It's like the "new coke" syndrome all over again - remember what a fiasco that was??? Nabisco, you had a very successful product for DECADES. Most companies would kill for a sure thing like THE OLD SALTINES!!!!!

It was a really hairbrained decision to change it. I will be buying other types of crackers now until I hear that you have reverted to the OLD RECIPE.

...... sad .........


They're called saltines for a reason. If folks don't want to eat salty food, they shouldn't buy saltines.

Let those who love saltines have the recipe they love. And bring back the flaky, crispness!


Ditto here! I am having to buy store brand saltines which are better than this new recipe.

I have been buying Premium Saltines for 40 years.

What crazy notion made you want to change something that sold to one that is so inferior? Such a shame!


I agree! Everyone thought I was crazy when I said the crackers were different.

But they are, I’m glad to see I’m not the only one. They are no longer thin and crispy.I want the old ones back.


What will it take for Nabisco to give us back the toasty, salty cracker we’ve grown up with? We’ve complained in numbers about this sliver of tasteless paste now passing as a saltine.

I keep trying other brands hoping to find one with that lingering baked bread taste that makes you want to eat the whole stack. There’s just a big void in the market. Why did you do this, Nabisco?

You had a hold on the saltine cracker market—it was the comfort food nationwide. Give it back to us, please!


The recipe has been all over the place since Kraft split off to mondelez. From the chemical tasting mix to the Ritz mix to the new stoned wheat thin mix.This is all a result of them no longer being strict about the recipe and the factories being told to adapt the weekly mix based on whatever ingredient they have an excess of. This was blatantly made apparent during the time there was obviously large amounts of Ritz ingredients being used in saltines.Sorry their secret is out...At this point we can only watch the product codes and try to find any good batches.I will be starting a Google sheets to compile the codes into groups of the different batches and put the link here for everyone to be able to edit.

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