My wife and I use to love eating Social tea cookies as we grew up. We still ate them but eventually stopped due to the high cost . I don/t remember how long ago that was though. Last week my wife bought a box of them. When we ate several of the cookies they didn/t taste the same as we remembered them. They looked different and tasted different than what we remembered. They were harder and crunchier also. We always purchased Nabisco products as they are a local company in Fairlawn, NJ. After this disappointment I/m not sure if we will purchase any Nabisco products. I just wanted to let you know how we feel.

Sincerely Frank J Maneri

9 Sabo Court

Elmwood Park, N.J. 07407 NJDEERMAN@optimum.net

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Agreed!!! They are terrible now! It's so disappointing, they used to be my favorite!


I bought social tea biscuits after a long time.The are awful now!

The quality is diminished and the cost is increased! I won't buy them again. Too many good alternatives to choose.

It's sad how down hill these Nabisco products have gone by being cheapened!You only lose customers with that mentality.

Baltimore, Maryland, United States #1276972

I also grew up on these.I recently purchased them after not seeing them for years.

What a big disappointment.Why would they change the recipe?

Baltimore, Maryland, United States #1276970

I agree.I also am disapointed after just purchasing them.

I haven't seen them for years.Why would they change the recipe?

Asheboro, North Carolina, United States #1199737

I also grew up with these perfect not too sweet cookies.Raised my children with them.

We retired to North Carolina and can't find them.Thank goodness for Amazon!

to Anonymous Naples, Florida, United States #1274333

I LOVED Social Tea Biscuits when I was growing up.I bought a box recently and they just taste like cardboard.

I wonder why Nabisco changed the recipe.Has anyone found a cookie that tastes like the OLD Social Teas?

to Anonymous #1377614

I thought it was just me. Picked up a box the other day and it was like eating hard tack, these were one of my favorite cookies growing up.

Plainsboro, New Jersey, United States #1178311

I agree with you & your wife 100%!I used to eat them in a bowl & pour warm milk on them.

I found them and got so excited because I haven't had them in years!I was so disappointed when I ate them & that they now lack the flavor they had before & actually now taste like cardboard.


I agree, they do not taste the same, are hard and less "buttery". Why mess with a proven product? Cost I would imagine.Shame on Nabisco!


Same exact experience grew up eating them my favorite cookie.Start do to 5 to 6.00 a box been yrs since bought.pick up a box other day actually 2 since they were half off.

Was so excited sat down to relieve past enjoyment and WOW was in ever so disappointed.Absolutely no taste at all and no texture what soever.wont be buying again.to bad and shame things have to change

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