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Runny Easy Cheeze

I am addicted to your canned cheese spread. But, I just tried the new formula in sharp cheddar and it came out runny and salty . Please correct this issue and send me a "better formula" number on the side of the dispenser; DOT 2P M5706 Bar code; 4400004553


Graham crackers

Ok...i purchased the larger double box of crackers and WHY did you make the grahams smaller???Thats ashame!!!!

I might as well just buy a small box!!!

Icant believe how little!!!Never again!!!


royal milk crackers and chocolate peanut butter logs

come on nabisco way to long for you to hold out on these great crackers and what ever happen to our chocolate coverd peanut butter cookies....


Candy Corn Oreos

Why is it that I can only find the Candy Cane Oreos online and for a ridiculously high price?I have looked in every store in my area and they are no where, even though I have found them locally last year.

They are the bomb!I am disappointed.


Royal limch milk crackers

Why dont you brong back the otiginal recipe for these moll crackers.Whats on the market are not the same..

its horrible.The original recipe was a mainstay.


Question about the Mystery Oreo Cookie

Hi, I seen on our News here in Tulsa , Oklahoma (News Ch.6- KOTV) Today (10-11-2017) That Nabisco was having a contest about guessing the flavor of the Mystery Oreo cookies and if we get it right we could win $500.000.1ST of all did I hear it correctly?

and how can we get samples to try them? To enter this contest. And also, Please, Please DON'T mess with the original Oreo flavor LOVE THEM!!!

That's what I grew up on.Thank you


Wheat Thins Buffalo flavor

What have you done with the buffalo flavor of wheat favorite?!!! I can’t find them anywhere.


Brown rice sweet potato

Why are you guys changing the Triscuit sweet potato and roasted onion to the regular style Triscuit? What happened to the brown rice ones I can't find them anywhere?


Rye Triscuits

Can't find rye triscuits in Louisville, KY - what's the problem?


Rye Triscuits

Have Rye Triscuits been discontinued? I have tried to find them at multiple stores over the past 2 weeks to no avail.


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