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Why is it lately that all the premium saltines are over cooked? Tired of getting them this way.


Small stack Premium Saltines

For a few months we were able to buy the small stack of saltines at our local Wal Mart.Unfortunately now we can no longer find them ANYWHERE.

Are they still being made?If so...where may they be purchased??


Cheez n crackers

Would like to know why the stick has been removed from your packages ??


Cheese nps

Lately the last few boxes of cheeese nips have had no salt on the cip, is this new or is this just an oddity?


Fresh pack saltines

Cannot find these at Walmart, Ingles, Food Lion.Was told at Ingles that Nabisco stopped offering the Fresh Pack.

I'm not pissed.Put I would love to find my favorite saltines in fresh pack.


Graham Crackers

Just bought a new box of Graham Crackers. Its been a while since I've had them. They have a weaker taste...have you changed the recipe?


Have you ever made an orange cream flavor oreo?

Just tried the thin mint oreos, they are a winner.Have you ever made an orange flavor filling in an oreo?

I am not talking about the orange color filling made for Halloween, but an orange filling that actually has an orange flavor.

I love the "chocolate oranges" that come out around Christmas time.Making an orange flavor filling in the thin cookie would be great.


Oreo cookiesDo

Does nabisco make a soft Oreo cookie that would be yummy for us that prefer soft cookies Thsnk You. I am not a pissed customer and really did not want to press that


Can't find Fig Newtons

I've looked high and low for your fig newton cookie.I'm from Canada and I've asked friends from different parts of of the USA if they could please look around different grocery stores for the original fig newtons and nope can't find them anywhere.

So my question is why is this they were the only best cookies around the other ones you make as of the ones like berry newtons or another one's don't even come close to the great quality of your original fig newtons so please bring them back.Please and thank you


Old Fashioned Chocolate Snaps Cookies/Chocolate Chip Cookies 1970's

Hello, I would like to see Nabisco company bring back the original Chocolate Snaps and Chocolate Chip cookies.Not a substitute.

Have you thought about doing a vintage line. The cookies today does not compare to the originals. Also the butter cookies in the green box. Please bring these cookies back.

Thousands of people will buy them.

WE LOVE THESE COOKIES.Bring back the fond memory of walking down to the corner store to buy your cookies.


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