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Hint of Salt and Reduced fat Triscuits

Triscuits is the only cracker we buy. Can you please make a Reduced Fat that is also low in sodium, such as the Hint of Salt, which we love?

We also love the Reduced Fat, but now buy the Hint of Salt due to BP issues. Please combine the two concepts and that would be the perfect cracker.


Chocolate Snaps

Hello just wondering if you would ever make and sell the chocolate snap cookies and same design on the box that I enjoyed when I was a kid? It would be pretty cool to see in the grocery store.


Good thins sweet pat &flax crackers

Are you doing away with theses crackers! Hope not they are the best!


Uneeda Buiscuits

Why can't I find these anywhere? It's been in my family for years & years, but over the past few years have not seen them anywhere. My favorite cracker since I was a child, I am now 80 yrs old.



Why can’t I find the Mediterranean ((olive) Triscuits in grocery stores any longer? They are my favorite.


mint oreos

recently after about 5x buying the mint oreos I have noticed when you take the cookie out of the package they just fall apart very hard to dunk. the cream comes out in a disc and the 2 chocolate cookies are plain. I have been a loyal oreo fan for 55 years and never ever had this problem before what is going on may have to stop buying my favorite brands of cookies



Why is it lately that all the premium saltines are over cooked? Tired of getting them this way.


Small stack Premium Saltines

For a few months we were able to buy the small stack of saltines at our local Wal Mart. Unfortunately now we can no longer find them ANYWHERE.

Are they still being made? If so...where may they be purchased??


Cheez n crackers

Would like to know why the stick has been removed from your packages ??


Cheese nps

Lately the last few boxes of cheeese nips have had no salt on the cip, is this new or is this just an oddity?


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