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Now what did you change a perfectly good cookie just the way it was ? This was a totally dumb move..

If you wanted a new type of cookie, then you should have introduced the new cookie on its own, and left the original Pinwheel the way it was. I am not buying the new recipe cookie, they taste terrible !!!!!

You need to put the cookie back to the original and leave it alone. Now you just totally ruined a perfectly good product by changing it !

Reviewer is in unhappy mood. This person stated that there is a room for improvement of your new pinwheel and bring back the original. Please immediately contact the author of this review to discuss bad quality of nabisco cookies. Nabisco needs to offer any options to resolve the issue according to poster's claims.

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Baltimore, Maryland, United States #1298961

I completely agree the new pinwheel recipe is horrible!! Bring back the original recipe of these cookies please.

I do not understand why you change the recipe when it was perfect the way it was. I will not buy the new pinwheel cookies. My mother used to buy the original Nabisco pinwheel cookies back in the early sixties and put them in my lunch when I was a child and they were delicious.

I've been buying them as an adult for years and they've been my most favorite cookie on the planet. Bring back the original recipe of these cookies please.

Omaha, Nebraska, United States #1246488

I've been eating pinwheels since I was 5. The new recipe sucks so much!! Bring back the old recipe.


Completely agree! These are similar to the "Twirl" cookies that Nabisco used to bake in the warmer months.

They had a chocolatey coating that wouldn't melt and a cake base with preservatives.

They looked like Pinwheels, but they sucked just like these new cookies. To call these new substitutes "Pinwheel" is actually fraudulent.

Katy, Texas, United States #1243187

I agree with everyone on here! This new recipe SUCKS!

Why in the world would you change a good thing? As they say, if it ain't broke, don't fix it! I seriously thought something was wrong with the package I bought, took it back, got another one and it was the same.

Made me sick! Will not buy anymore.

Minneapolis, Minnesota, United States #1242619

Why change a good thing? Bring back the original pinwheels in their original package! The new ones are not as good.

Melbourne, Victoria, Australia #1240293



I totally agree!

Boston, Massachusetts, United States #1222198

these pinwheell cookies taste like unwanted chemicals. what happened to the huge fluffy marshmallow with deep dark choclate coating cookies ? These new pinwheels taste like pure garbage.the tanned choclate coating looks sickening.

Schenectady, New York, United States #1221978

Can't believe they changed the best cookie ever, no more for me, they are disgusting!!!! Everyone I talk to is so disappointed.

I seriously use to eat 4-5 in a sitting.....

could even get those other ones down..... BRING BACK THE OLD RECEIPE

Goshen, New York, United States #1211726

I loved pinwheels since I was a kid. I was so excited when I purchased a package at the low low price of $4.99.

HORRIBLE!!! Took one bit of this new recipe...spit it out and took the rest back. Nabisco needs to get their act together and bring back the old recipe. FYI DO NOT throw out your cookies.

Return them to the store you purchased them.

They have to take them back and the store gets 100% credit back from the vendor. When nabisco starts to see the amount of product they are getting back and the amount of money they are throwing in the trash ( right where the cookies belong) maybe they will wake up and bring back the old recipe

to Anonymous Grand Rapids, Michigan, United States #1219098

I just called Nabisco. They are going back to the original recipe, though they don't have a specific date.

to Marcia #1238733

Yes You are right the pinwheel cookie is back on store shelves here in Illinois Look for the pure chocolate label. That is the original recipe if it says pure chocolate on the label. If you can't find them look for mallomars they have the same taste

Owatonna, Minnesota, United States #1206429

We have bought pinwheel cookies many times and have always enjoyed them when they were made with real chocolate. Hate

The new recipe for this cookie and won't buy these cookies again.

Am throwing the one's we have bought with the new recipe

As they taste old and are disgusting.

Mary Ann

Jeffersonville, Indiana, United States #1204553

I didn't need to be eating cookies anyway, I guess. I tried one, just awful.

I'm throwing the rest of the bag away.

I'm sure this was a cost-cutting measure, changing to "fudge" instead of chocolate. I'm sure disappointed.

Millerton, Pennsylvania, United States #1192969

Hate the new recipe, won't buy them again! Total waste of over four dollars.

Woodstock, Georgia, United States #1192587

Agreed... The new recipe is awful!!!!!!!!

Chocolate was dark and rich... Now it is anemic in color and the taste is anemic.

Why did you change this?????


The new Pinwheel recipe is horrible. I took one *** and spit it out.

Threw the rest in the trash. I feel like I've been cheated.


Totally Agree!!! Terrible cookie now, taste worse that the cheap imitations.


I agree the new cookies are AWFUL! Where did they get their new ingredients from--the dumpster??

They were a punishment to eat and leave an aftertaste similar to toxic waste! I am not a picky eater, but my once favorite cookie almost made me throw up...Nabisco, you MUST change it back!! Regular buyers--including me--will NEVER buy your nasty cookies again, even if you put them on sale for 25 cents!!! What a HORRIBLE mistake you made!!

I would HIGHLY suggest to everyone who's disappointed to call Nabisco's customer service number at 1-855-535-5648.

The woman I spoke with was very nice, and she typed and submitted my complaint...she also thanked me for my opinion, because she said that Nabisco wants to hear what the public thinks about their products in order to make changes. So PLEASE call them to bring our wonderful cookie back!

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