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There has been more than a package change for the pinwheel. The cookie has been totally ruined by Nabisco.

I don't know who decided this but the *** needs to find work at a level more suited to him ( like sweeping the floor up after everybody spits this new cookie out). The name of this cookie should NOT be pinwheel because it's not. It's some crappy fudge cover turd. Nabisco has lost my business forever.

I will not buy any of their products again. I've notice in general all their products have had a decline in quality. GOODBYE Nabisco you really suck. P.S.

I tossed the rest of the package in the garbage where it belongs.

Don't send me any coupons for your lousy products.

Product or Service Mentioned: Nabisco Cookies.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

Monetary Loss: $5.

Preferred solution: NOTHING from your lousy company!!!!!!.

I didn't like: Change to the pinwheel and general decline of product quality.

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I have been eating pinwheels for years,just got the new fudge receipt and it taste like the dollar store knock off.I will not buy any more.


I agree the new fudge taste awful.I have eaten them all my 50 years and will never buy another.Bad move nabisco I buy them once a week


I agree-- now they taste like all the other "chocolate/marshmallow" knock off cookies. Do not like these at all-- will no longer buy them. This saddens me as it has always been my favorite cookies since I was a small child(I'm 64).


I totally agree. The pinwheel cookie was my favorite but now they just taste like the off brand look alike cookies.

What a shame. Why mess with a good thing?


I, too, HATE the new pinwheels. I have been eating these expensive cookies for 50 years and I am bewildered why someone would take something so good & ruin it like they did.

I cannot buy these cookies anymore.

Plus they raised the price of them too after screwing them up. ugh!

Mcalester, Oklahoma, United States #1113248

The new pinwheel cookies with fudge totally sucks. That was my favorite cookie for 30 years now you let some young gung-ho college kid screw then up. You *** up that *** won't ever sell


Nabisco, I am sure the expense of making a quality product had something to do with the change, but this product is actually uneatable, its too bad you made that decision.


Right! You people (Nabisco) have to have a really low opinion of your - formerly loyal - Pinwheel customers to think that you could get away with what you have done to those lucious cookies.

No more will spend 20 to 25 USD/month on Pinwheels.

Nabisco stock (Kraft, I guess) will go the way of current oil stocks.

Good luck with that...


I was absolutely devastated by this horrible new recipe. I cringed when I begrudgingly tore open the package.

Do they expect us to believe this was an upgrade for our benefit? REALLY?? Whose brainiac idea was this anyway?? Those of us who grew up on these cookies and consider them an untouchable piece of our cullinary youth are so unhappy that we will not only never buy them for ourselves, but will never buy them for our kids either!

We will boycott, whatever this poor excuse for a wannabe cookie. A cookie that was many an American's favorite cookie! Notice that See's Candy never cheaped out and that's why they are so successful. When Warren Buffett purchased it he knew not to screw with a winning formula.

If it ain't broke, don't fix it. Or in Nabisco's case, they simply broke it to save money. Nice going Nabisco.

Fire the nimrod executives who hatched this *** idea!! You lost a longtime loyal consumer and everyone I can stop before they eat this toxic substance.


The absolute worst. I've been a dedicated consumer for more years than I can remember.

Now they taste like some cheap copy. The former dark chocolate was heavenly.

Now the whole cookie is absolutely terrible and some cheap copy of its former self--and it's not cheap! I will never purchase another.


SHAME ON YOU Nabisco. HORRIBLE!!!!!!!!

Used to be my favorite cookie. Now??? It's the most horrible cookie out there.

Will not spend my money on any Nabisco product again for fear when I put it in my mouth I will gag from a change of recipe.


I'm sad my favorite cookie the pinwheel is gone , new packaging and different tasting cookie , won't by these again , first time had a pinwheel cookie back in the late 60s when I was a kid , never thought they would change a 50 year old cookie recipe , hopefully they will change it back , I think they tried this about 15 years ago with twirls and it didn't work and they brought back the original pinwheels


The worst. Will not buy again.

Throwing out .I have been eating these since I Was a child and am 79 and cannot understand why U would change this recipe.


Just bought a package of the new version of my favorite cookie. I have been eating these for decades and they were a one-time favorite of my now deceased mom.

Nabisco screwed the pooch on this one. Nothing is iconic and all-American (as in leave it alone) anymore.

Nabisco your new cookie sucks and I will throw away the remainder and NEVER purchase again until the original returns (when it does please package it in a resealable package).


HATE the new recipe. The cookie tastes AWFUL now.

Will never buy again unless u change the recipe back.

Your changing the recipe to try and save a few bucks will cost you more in the end with all the lost sales. So disappointed and disgusted with the changes you've made.


I paid almost 5 bucks each for 2 packages last night because to get a premium cookie is worth it to me. Now the chocolate tastes like the cheap palmer chocolate which is gritty and leaves a bad taste in my mouth.

If I had a dog I bet the dog wouldn't eat it. I get saving money on packaging but they broke something that worked well. Shame on you!!

Now my grandkids won't be able to be spoiled with a pinwheel. Do like Coke did and bring it back the way we like it.



Maynard, Massachusetts, United States #1107424

Agreed! It was a sad day when I discovered they not only changed the packaging but decided to change the recipe...

The taste is awful... And cheap... No longer the rich dark chocolate taste...

The pinwheel cookie is gone... I only wish I knew the change was coming so I could have stocked up on the old version to savor the last days of my pinwheel indulgence...


F#$? You nabisco!! The new pin wheel sucks lost my business.


I absolutely agree. I've eaten Pinwheels since I was a child and have always considered them the premium cookie.

They have screwed with recipe and ruined it. They almost make me gag. Just bought a package for $5. Had 1 cookie and thought something was wrong with my taste buds.

Drank some water, had another and felt like throwing up.

Now I'm throwing the other 10 in the trash and won't purchase them again. Why would they do something like that?

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