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There has been more than a package change for the pinwheel. The cookie has been totally ruined by Nabisco.

I don't know who decided this but the *** needs to find work at a level more suited to him ( like sweeping the floor up after everybody spits this new cookie out). The name of this cookie should NOT be pinwheel because it's not. It's some crappy fudge cover turd. Nabisco has lost my business forever.

I will not buy any of their products again. I've notice in general all their products have had a decline in quality. GOODBYE Nabisco you really suck. P.S.

I tossed the rest of the package in the garbage where it belongs.

Don't send me any coupons for your lousy products.

Product or Service Mentioned: Nabisco Cookies.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

Monetary Loss: $5.

Preferred solution: NOTHING from your lousy company!!!!!!.

I didn't like: Change to the pinwheel and general decline of product quality.

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I've just tried my favorite cookie with the new packaging. Never again!

The cookie tastes completely different.

What happened??? No more Pinwheels for me!


Oh I totally agree!!! I even called them and asked what happened?

They are completely different and I'm so disappointed because they were my favorite! I guess they are trying to save money since I can't think of any other reason to change a good thing!!


I agree. Sick of these people changing something sooo good to something I despise I am so dissapointed..... Shame on you!!!!!

Lowell, Massachusetts, United States #1132246

WHY would you change a good thing! These "new" pinwheels are just AWFUL!

My husband has been a fan for all of our 42 years together and got our grandchildren hooked as well. NOT buying them anymore!

Wake up Nabisco!!!!!!! Go back to the old recipe and MAYBE we will be consumers of your products again!!!!!


We've bought pinwheels for years and extremely disappointed in the new ones. First and last pack unless Nabisco returns to the original.

The new ones are smaller and I'm sure it is because of chocolate prices however if you're going to cut the size then at least keep the original cookie. There are countless cheap pinwheel substitutes on the market and the new cookie will become just another crummy one.


My sentiments exactly. I have never been more disappointed than I was when we brought the cookies home and tried to eat them (which we could not do).

What could you have been trying to accomplish other than increase profits for an already overpriced cookie. Not only were they hideously bad but they were smaller in size. The packaging was even cheapened up.

I hope what money you saved out weighs the drop in business because that is exactly what is going to happen. The people you have hired for tasting new product changes should be fired.


I will never buy these cookies again, they were my favorite


Why did they try this again. Last time it was Twirls.

And its not like their cheap either, over $5.

The new ones suck. Hay Nabisco, remember what happened to Coke when they came out with the "New Coke".


I agree. New "pinwheels" are ***. ***!!!


Nabisco has lost my business too when it comes to pin wheels. I've always paid the high price for them.

Every birthday my child buys them for me. To give you an idea how long I've been getting them for a present, I turned sixty last Monday. Yes, I got some and had to spit them out.

Cheap imitation chocolate and marshmallow. Terrible!


I agree. I have been eating Pinwheels for 40+ years and I cannot believe they would change the recipe.

I bought one pack and ate a half od a cookie and took the pack back to the store. The new cookie tastes like a Snackwell cookie. I hope they have the common sense to bring back the original recipe Pinwheels.

This must have been carried out by the same people that though a New Coke was needed. Bring back the Original Pinwheels Nabisco!!!



I have been eating Pinwheels for as long as I can remember but I will not buy the new pinwheels again. I tried them and threw them away.

When you would open a package of the old pinwheels the wonderful smell of the chocolate would fill your nostrils and you could hardly wait to get one in your mouth. Why did Nabisco ruin such a good product?? It is a sad day!

I will not buy them again unless they go back to their old recipe.


I totally agree that the recipe for the pinwheel has recently changed along with the cheap packaging. It's way too sweet, and the chocolate is not the same quality.

I've been eating Pinwheels for nearly 50 years. These new ones are inedible compared to the original pinwheels. If Nabisco doesn't go back to the previous quality, I'm done with the new Pinwheel, too.

I'm surprised that there haven't been more complaints. I'm writing to Nabisco.


I was soooo disappointed when I went to buy my all time favorite cook, Pinwheels. I saw that they were now made with fudge, not pure chocolate & the package had changed so that you could no longer see the cookies thru the package so that you could tell.

I bought them anyway to try...well they are yuck!!! REALLY, Nabisco, WHY??????


I was pleased to see others with the same opinion. Why would they change a 30 year old recipe to cheaper chocolate?

The dark chocolate was what made this the long time favorite it was. Bad move, and we'll never buy them again.

BTW, the distributor to the local stores had already heard this comment, shared that it was almost universal, and even his wife couldn't stand them any more. Now if they'd at least market Malomars better!!!


I agree with the others. Why did they change the recipie?

Not enough sales? They taste cheap.

They need to return to the original. Very sad!


Nabisco didn't learn the last time they tried to sustitute "fudge" for real chocolate. Hope the lose a lot of $$ this time too. Just like last time,.I won't buy any of the adulterated.product


I agree the new chocolate on the pinwheels is lousey I'm done buying pinwheels I used to love them


Their "new and improved" toxic Fludge (sludge+"fudge") pinwheel cookie is no better than any of the cheapo, low-quality store-brands with fake chocolate. Nabisco bean-counters and food-chemist geniuses apparently think they can cheapen the product, substitute toxic artificial oil sludge for chocolate, reduce the size, AND keep the premium pricing!

I think that they must have hired that little *** Martin Shkreli (of Turing Pharma fame), as their marketing director.

Good Luck with that strategy Nabisco--consumers aren't as *** as you think.

to car2 #1125332

Yeah - they tied this several years ago and I quit buying Pinwheels.

They finally went back to real chocolate. I don't mind paying for quality.

If the same guy is responsible, fire his ***.

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