Glad to see I'm no the only one disappointed in the new recipe. It was difficult for a while to find the Nabisco PinWheels and I had tried some store brands in its place which were terrible. It seems as Nabisco took a page from these store brands and the result is awful.

When I recently rediscovered the Pinwheels (the original) I was overjoyed when opened the package and the deep chocolate aroma came wafting out. Tasting it was even more delightful and it transported me back to when I was a little kid (we're talking 40+ years ago) as the texture and flavor was exactly how I remembered.

I was excited when I saw some in another store. It was the original packaging, not the new one, but I could tell by looking at the cookies it was the new recipe. The chocolate coating wasn't as dark and it looked thicker.

I'm hoping with enough complaints, Nabisco will return the the original recipe. Have we learned nothing from New Coke?

Product or Service Mentioned: Nabisco Cookies.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

Location: Los Angeles, California

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Nabisco is no longer making Pinwheels with chocolate - they're using flat-tasting "fudge" which is disgusting. I'm sure I'm not the only disappointed consumer.


Please bring back the old pinwheel recipie.

My husband and I were very disappointed in the new cookies!!

Unless they change back to the original recipe, I will never buy them again!

They taste cheap and too sweet!!

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