I would like to submit a complaint concerning The Premium Saltines we could once purchase. I am truly offended by all the spanish on the boxes along with the fact they DO NOT taste as good as they once did.

Why can't you drop all the spanish showing on these boxes and improve our Saltines. I really hate having to change- but if they do not improve, that is exactly what you are forcing us to have to do.Thanks for all the years when they were the best on the market in our book- but certainly not anymore......................

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Athens, Georgia, United States #900578

Got a batch completely lacking salt. Really upset that I wasted my money on this.

Taylors, South Carolina, United States #893204

My crackers were brown, burned tasting and hard. UPS 0 44000 00057 8

17FEB15 AZ 3 01-4 04:40

Orlando, Florida, United States #580182

our post is so dumb it just shows what kind of *** you are. Get used to out country and new mix of people.

Saltines taste the same.

It is your dispointed nose and lack of taste thayt makes them different. GET A LIFE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Chapel Hill, North Carolina, United States #580074

The funniest thing about racist idiots? They're too *** to understand they're racist idiots!

to sessa Richardson, Texas, United States #591037

This is true. ^^^

to Yes San Diego, California, United States #591040

Why does it say Richardson , TX

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