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I'm writing about your commercial.It has an interracial couple with kids no problem.

Then you throw in 2 dads with kids! Wow!!!!!!

I love and buy most of your products. I am a Christian and firmly believe in a God based marriage between a man and a woman only. God calls same sex relationships an "abomination".

I dont know if you realize what you have done by making this commercial but it will be devastating to your company. My church and I will no longer buy any of your products.

I realize this country is trying to desensitize kids with commercials like this.My kids will always know right from wrong and *** is wrong.

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Hollywood, Florida, United States #1323291

I just saw the commercial for Belvita with the inter-racial couple, which I find offensive.Why do you want to shove it down people's throats?

And also, what about black women? Why is it always a black guy with a white woman? When did black guys get to be such a catch or for that matter a white woman? What happened to black women?

They are beautiful too.

Why can't you just show people with their own kind?They segregate themselves in prison...I don't believe in inter-racial couples and my family won't be buying your products.

to cmb33020 #1351225

I agree! Your thoughts are mine as well!


You must be one of those Bible "thumpers" that miss the part of the Bible where it say "judge not, lest ye be judged." Just because you THINK you are a Christian doesn't mean you are.Whoopie you and your church won't buy the Nabisco products because of a commercial.

Do you really think that will hurt their profits? Furthermore this isn't the Nabisco website. You are on a general complaint site. You can teach your kids all of your beliefs but that doesn't mean they will follow them when they grow up, they might actually see the light.

Christians have a real big tendency to choose the parts of the Bible that they want to believe in.

I have read the Bible cover to cover twice and found a whole lot of "hull a ba loo" in it.

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