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Taste like you changed the recipe for your chicken ina biskit crackers. Please change it back.

The cracker and flavor not good anymore.

Why do companies chamge things that are good. Signed will no longer buy

Product or Service Mentioned: Nabisco Chicken In A Biskit Crackers.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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They used to taste like chicken bouillon and I really really liked them. Today, they are bland. It’s really sad when a company messes with a successful recipe.


Agreed. Not only do they taste bland and not good anymore, but now they give me a stomach ache which is new. Not buying this anymore either.


There wasn't any chicken dust on my cracker! Please fix.


I heard the recipe was changed due to the health risks and laws regarding trans fats in food products..


OMG!!! Bought this over the weekend and couldn't wait to get into the box!!!

I was so disappointed in a cracker I use to like so much. There is no taste at all!!! It taste like a regular cracker with salt. WhY!!!!

Why would Nabisco change something that taste so good!!!! Will not buy again.


I am traumatized! I bought my favorite childhood crackers this week and they are horrible! Please go back to the original recipe!


I bought this weekend, 12/23/2017 was horrified by how bad they taste now, ruined a good thing. Why change it, should have put warning on box that now states " tastes like chicken *** now"


Horrible. Hard & Crunchy. I won't buy these anymore.


Agreed...they used to be soft and not as salty. Way too hard and thin now. Done with them


You ruined my favorite snack! They used to be soft & melt in your mouth, Now they're so hard it's not even worth eating. Thanks alot for taking a great product & destroying it.


Yep...I agree with everyone else. The box of Chicken in a Biscuit crackers I bought this week are thinner and harder than their crackers of yore.

Bad move, Nabisco. Even though I've enjoyed these crackers for almost 50 years, I will not buy them again.


Probably got rid of trans fats which always seems to ruin the flavor.

Dawson, Minnesota, United States #1339145

These crackers are awful...why did you change them???

New Brighton, Pennsylvania, United States #1337359

Yep. I've been treating myself to these every few months or so for years...decades and the last few times they have been different.

At first I thought I got an over baked / under seasoned batch but now I'm sure you've changed something.

No longer "biscuity" but hard and the chicken flavor is messed up too. Way to ruin a good thing Nabisco


I agree the crackers are horrible now they are thin and cardboard like. Whoever decided to change the recipe obviously wanted to make more of a profit and was a decision based on greed.

Company's always changing something when it's good. The crackers used to be thick, rich, and fluffy and would melt in your mouth. Now all that's left is a cheap overpriced product that Nabisco should be ashamed.

Sorry to see how this company does business. After decades of buying this product my family and my friends will no longer purchase this product.


I have to agree! My husband and I both said the same thing!

VERY VERY HARD and flat, totally tasteless! The box say's "Original Recipe", but they certainly are NOT the same! I won't ever buy them again! I think Nabisco products will remain on our do not buy list!

We were so disappointed as we bought them for a treat. The price is so high and the quality is so low of all the Nabisco products lately!


I agree. The crackers I just purchased where harder and thinner, almost like they were overbaked. they used to be thicker and melt-in-your-mouth good this batch gave me a toothache.

Indianapolis, Indiana, United States #1260141

I will not buy these now that they have changed. The thickness is gone & the flavor is hardly even there!! You have ruined them.

Weaverville, North Carolina, United States #1256048

Yes they are totally different and not good anymore

Dallas, Texas, United States #1234665

Agreed; the new recipe for chicken in a bisket crackers is NOT as good as the actual original (even though the current packaging says "original"). Please bring back the actual original recipe.

I loved the original texture and taste bury this new recipe tastes like a myriad of competitor crackers with the Chicken in a Bisket flavoring dusted on the outside. Not okay.

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