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I have three Nabisco products I want to mention that have greatly declined in quality and I will no longer be buying them; 1.) Oreos -you cut way back on the regular feeling and you've changed the recipe completely they're dry and tasteless 2.) Ritz -now I'm convinced that everything tastes worse when it's sitting on a Ritz. They used to have a buttery smooth texture now there tasteless and the texture is like sawdust 3) Honey maid graham crackers - wow again these are now a good 30% smaller and a good 30% fewer in a bag they also taste like the same sawdust.

Please don't taste anything or look anything like the original graham crackers. I'm not sure who these individuals were that decided to change these products but I will no longer buy them and I will make sure my friends no longer buy them not until you go back to packaging that says the original. The only thing that I still buy but something tells me it will be short-lived are the original saltines.

Bye Nabisco. Your greed led us to no longer buy your products.

Product or Service Mentioned: Nabisco Crackers.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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