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  • 33 minutes ago
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I love Nutter Butters but the one downfall about the product is the packaging. They need to be put in a resealable package.

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I absolutely hate the new recipe! The old ones with dark chocolate were so good, I could eat the whole pkg. I bought some today, took 2 bites and threw it out. My son did the same. Why would you change a recipe when the old one was just right. It's too bad for me, I guess, cause I won't buy them again. I found them to be very bland, and also smaller all around. I asked opinions of people I know and they all agree and have stopped buying... Read more

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  • 2 days ago
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Nabisco Food Manufacturers complaint 169284
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We were wondering WHY ARE FAVORITE CRACKER TASTED FUNNY. After opening up the box this is what we found. We purchased this at giant eagle Yorktown Plaza Erie Pennsylvania on October 17, 2016. We are completely disgusted and sick to our stomach's !!!!!

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The new pinwheel cookie now tastes like the cheap imatation cookies you can get for half the price. The original pinwheels were a splurge for me but so worth it. Please bring them back. Read more

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The new ones taste stale even though they aren't. I won't ever buy them again. Not sure how the ingredients are different, but they have way too much corn syrup in them, for one thing. Maybe they're made in China. Clearly they're cheaper than the old ones. The chocolate coating looks dusty and may were broken even though they don't expire for two more months. It's sad when a company changes its recipe to make more profit and produces a far... Read more

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we've used your Nilla wafer cookies for over 40 years in there to additional every holiday banana pudding of our family. The recent purchase of four boxes at a price chopper in Raymore Missouri Is disappointing. The cookies are thinner, not uniform, dark around the edges, prone to crumble and very dry. Your product is now consistent with the off brands avoided by the families cooking holiday dinner. I am so disappointed in the tremdous drop in... Read more

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  • Oct 16
  • #937508

What a waste of money. I like the pinwheel cookies until I bought some yesterday. Noticed new recipe. Thought I would try them. I did not like them at all. If I could of returned then I would. Won't be buying those again.

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  • Oct 15
  • #937188

Its apparrent that crackerfuls have been discontinued but I don't understand why. My mother got me started on them when she was alive. It was part of her sustenance for each day. Of course I got hooked on them. I just needed you to know that they were so very good. Please bring them back.

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  • Oct 13
  • #936336

Taste like you changed the recipe for your chicken ina biskit crackers. Please change it back. The cracker and flavor not good anymore. Why do companies chamge things that are good. Signed will no longer buy

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Fellow Pinwheel Cookie lovers, I was at my local grocery store today, happened to be in the cookie aisle, and thought I'd check out the Pinwheel Cookies to see if the Nabisco/Mondelez company was still trying to pass off their "New Fudge Recipe" with the marshmallow cookies covered in some type of inferior, cheap, disgusting sludge/fudge topping. (I had written and called the company to let them know of my disappointment in the change in... Read more

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