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  • From mobile
  • 6 hours ago
  • #906136

I will not buy these cookies again. They all break up getting them out of the package and have little stuffing. Double stuff- what a joke!!

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1) Moving many jobs to Mexico. Shame on them‼️ 2) Absolutely destroyed the best cookie ever ~ PINWHEELS Read more

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Your ginger snaps, are a disgrace to the name, "ginger snap".. You have reduced the product in size, texture, and taste... They are currently so much like a tasteless, cardboard excuse... Shame upon you and your lineage, and a curse upon Nabisco, and the parent corporation, as well... I purchase six boxes per week. Because of my elderly mother. She thinks she requires the ginger in her diet... Disgrace.. Read more

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Nabisco Oreo Double Stuf Cookies Review from Fremont, California
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This is the 4th package i have bought opened and it has oreos missing, im completly discussed..and would like a return.. Read more

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I just bought my first new recipe pinwheels cookie. I dont consider it an improvement. You have decreaded its marshmallow portion which is the reason most people bought them. (Matshmallow lovers) and the chocolate covering does not seem to be that shiny sweet chocolate. The overall cookie quality has been sacrificed and does not beg me to keep on eating them like the original pinwheels did. I want the original pinwheels Back!! These new ones... Read more

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I recently opened a box of Nabisco Wheat Thins and found them to be rancid. The expiration date was Sept. 16, 2016, so they should have been fine. I found since food companies have moved away from using additives to preserve shelf life, their products seem to deteriorate much quicker. Also, having a husband that used to work for Unilever, I'm aware these big food companies are only concerned about their bottom line. They are always, always,... Read more

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I was a raving fan of the Pinwheel cookies for over 50 years. The "new recipe" cookie tastes like cr*p on a stick. Whoever the geniuses are who think this cookie can be passed off as food should be fired in masse. No one with a brain could possibly think this would be acceptable. You should fire immediately the dolt or dolts responsible for the worst move in Nabisco history. Again, whoever approved this fiasco is an *** and should be transferred... Read more

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  • From mobile
  • Aug 16
  • #901970

What the heck is the deal with the chocolate on Pinwheels now????? Not as good. Please bring back the original. Plent of people complaining. Why ruin a perfect product? Unhappy Pinwheel Customer

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Use to love the Pinwheel cookies, but now they changed the chocolate coating to a milk chocolate instead of the previous darker chocolate. Tastes horrible, won't buy them anymore. They had a great product, but changed to something that has a far inferior taste. What is Nabisco thinking. Should have left a good thing alone. I hope they will reconsider, surely their sales for this product has declined. So Nabisco please reconsider changing... Read more

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  • From mobile
  • Aug 14
  • #900391

After deciding to try the "new recipe", I quickly discovered the disastrous decline in both taste and quality. Truly sad to see my (and others) favorite cookie meet such an untimely demise. Not even a trial period to analyze feedback. No more pinwheels for me!

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